Love the skin you’re In!

 Whats in your cabinet? Here is my favorite organic beauty products, that serves to keeps me  looking Young & Healthy.

The Damsel bar from Jazzy Organics ( a company based in St.Vincent). Rich in Vitamin A & E, promotes cell turnover and helps to minimize future breakouts is used as my cleanser.

My morning mist –  refreshing & revitalizing mixture, brightens, tightens and awakens the skin – the Whole-Clarity toner is equipped with lemongrass essential oils, apple cider vinegar and is used after every cleanse.

Brooklyn’s Sudbar makes a handful of delightfully scented soaps that make the shower experience one to look forward too.  my favorite the Honey Oat!

I absolutely love Hawaiian Plumaria by the Pomade Shop for my natural hair,  keeps my scalp hydrated and the hair soft. It smells good too!



Soaps by The Sudbar


Cleanse with Whole Clarity


Get Jazzy with Jazzy Organics – Based in the Caribbean


Conditioning Pomade by The Pomade Shop 


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