Saturday fun in Brooklyn 

One of the most beautiful days thus far since spring has sprung, the kids and I explored Brooklyn.  It was also the day that Brooklyn’s Habana Outpost opened for its summer season. Bella was excited since she’s missed the kids corner over the winter months.  She was overwhelmed with choices for arts and crafts. We indulged in glitter tattoos, making potato little people, planting sunflower seeds, and best of all learning about composting. 

Habana Outpost is known for its amazing Mexican street corn and the delicious frozen drinks.  Heck, it’s what I missed most about the place – so it was a two for one treat – my kids and I had a blast. 

If you’re in Fort Green Brooklyn be sure to stop in or check them out at . 

outpost manager Zizi, Bella & myself


bella infront of Outpost entrance


arts and crafts : basil, potato people & sunflower seeds


famous mexican corn & catfish taco


Mexican corn


human powered bike blender



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