Mani Please !!!!!

Spring is here, it’s time to unpack the sandals, show off your sexy toes and paint your finger nails in bright colors.

I’m an everyday woman, I use my hands a lot and regular polish just doesn’t last but a day on me. What’s my solution you ask? I love the “Gel” manicure, but finding the right nail tech to apply it neatly and effectively has been a struggle until I found Eva. 

Eva works at the Affina Beauty & Spa in downtown Manhattan.  A place I stumbled upon on my walk to the train station at Chambers street in TriBeCa. She is patient, meticulously and doesn’t rush through the service. The cutest thing is they give you a mani card with the name of the polish you last used, the name of the nail -tech and the best part is, the card has instructions on how to keep your gel-mani looking shine and fresh. 

For me the home run was that the card also serves as proof for a “color change” if the Gel-mani chips before it’s been a week after service. 

I think I’m in LOVE  – you can be too – so go get POLISHED at Affina 




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