Mani Please !!!!!

Spring is here, it’s time to unpack the sandals, show off your sexy toes and paint your finger nails in bright colors.

I’m an everyday woman, I use my hands a lot and regular polish just doesn’t last but a day on me. What’s my solution you ask? I love the “Gel” manicure, but finding the right nail tech to apply it neatly and effectively has been a struggle until I found Eva. 

Eva works at the Affina Beauty & Spa in downtown Manhattan.  A place I stumbled upon on my walk to the train station at Chambers street in TriBeCa. She is patient, meticulously and doesn’t rush through the service. The cutest thing is they give you a mani card with the name of the polish you last used, the name of the nail -tech and the best part is, the card has instructions on how to keep your gel-mani looking shine and fresh. 

For me the home run was that the card also serves as proof for a “color change” if the Gel-mani chips before it’s been a week after service. 

I think I’m in LOVE  – you can be too – so go get POLISHED at Affina 




Fashion Music N Beauties 

Pose N Post Symposium was unbelievably everthing I thought it would be and more. An intimate setting with the most beautiful babes in the fashion, music and beauty industries : Chrisette Michelle, Courtney, Brosia & Fash. These ladies are traveling the U.S. And spreading positivity, encouraging women to love, embrace themselves and follow their dreams!

The event was interactive and of course the beautiful Chrisette Michelle whooed with her beautiful voice, singing “a couple of forevers”, one of my fav songs. Fash, Brosia & Courtney were amazing. The Ladies engaged with the audience exuding such grace and honesty, leaving everyone feeling more confident abut reaching for the stars.  I had an amazing time!


Saturday fun in Brooklyn 

One of the most beautiful days thus far since spring has sprung, the kids and I explored Brooklyn.  It was also the day that Brooklyn’s Habana Outpost opened for its summer season. Bella was excited since she’s missed the kids corner over the winter months.  She was overwhelmed with choices for arts and crafts. We indulged in glitter tattoos, making potato little people, planting sunflower seeds, and best of all learning about composting. 

Habana Outpost is known for its amazing Mexican street corn and the delicious frozen drinks.  Heck, it’s what I missed most about the place – so it was a two for one treat – my kids and I had a blast. 

If you’re in Fort Green Brooklyn be sure to stop in or check them out at . 

outpost manager Zizi, Bella & myself


bella infront of Outpost entrance


arts and crafts : basil, potato people & sunflower seeds


famous mexican corn & catfish taco


Mexican corn


human powered bike blender


Lunchtime Grub in NYC

Being a consultant in New York can be Hectic at times. I find myself on the go and most times only water and my go-too snack “almonds”. When hunger strikes it’s always hard to focus on healthy choices but today I was lucky. Up-town on Lexington & 77th I stopped by Dos Toros Taqueria (a mom & pop Chipotle) serving up delish Mexican food, oh and they have beer too! 

If your lucky you’ll be able to enjoy the grub in the window seat and enjoy the view of the hustling New Yorkers. Interesting enough they tend to be more amazed with you and the homey little hidden spot.


Man-Getter the return of Pointy Toe Pumps

Perfect for work but incredibly right for date night or lounging, the pointy toe pump have returned with a vengeance and Steve Madden is serving them up just right. You can’t just get one because they each have a different sex appeal – the ultimate man-getter. I recently stopped by Steve Madden and I went a little over board but I have no regrets. Electric blue will sure turn heads, so I put together an outfit to give you some excitement – under the body chain (Top Shop-SoHo) wear your favorite turtle neck with a simple necklace for work with the foam maxi skirt (Top Shop-SoHo) – and for your night out swap out necklace with featured body chain and paint the town blue!






Styling on a Budget – Thrifting in NYC

After all New York is Fashion Capital so it’s evident that to live here with relevance a love for fashion is a must.
My love for fashion has become a rather expensive hobby. Once there’s a connection with a piece and my imagination starts to create multiple looks there’s often no putting it back (impulse buying). Living here in the big City is becoming expensive and Im a mommy of two so thrifting helps to keep my hobby alive.

My fav thrifty spots are Beacon’s closet – on 5th Ave in Park Slope & Housing Works on East 24th st in Manhattan – I am super excited about this weeks awesome finds (Ted Baker & Rachel Zoe originals) since Bell-Bottoms are becoming my new THANG.

PS my FAB-FINDs did not cost more than thirty dollars –

Check out my photos:





Love the skin you’re In!

 Whats in your cabinet? Here is my favorite organic beauty products, that serves to keeps me  looking Young & Healthy.

The Damsel bar from Jazzy Organics ( a company based in St.Vincent). Rich in Vitamin A & E, promotes cell turnover and helps to minimize future breakouts is used as my cleanser.

My morning mist –  refreshing & revitalizing mixture, brightens, tightens and awakens the skin – the Whole-Clarity toner is equipped with lemongrass essential oils, apple cider vinegar and is used after every cleanse.

Brooklyn’s Sudbar makes a handful of delightfully scented soaps that make the shower experience one to look forward too.  my favorite the Honey Oat!

I absolutely love Hawaiian Plumaria by the Pomade Shop for my natural hair,  keeps my scalp hydrated and the hair soft. It smells good too!



Soaps by The Sudbar


Cleanse with Whole Clarity


Get Jazzy with Jazzy Organics – Based in the Caribbean


Conditioning Pomade by The Pomade Shop 

Vintage Finds in Brooklyn

What does fashion mean to you? For me its an expression of who I am, therefore my style is based on what I find interesting that enhances my personal style!  I love to incorperate new trends and old trends. Thrift and Vintage stores are always a great place to find intricate and fun pieces of clothing and accessories.

My most recent find, are a pair of Vintage Balenciaga frames from Foyer Vintage Store in Brooklyn, that my four year old insisted that I try  on, which I did and there was an instant connection. I love the oval shape, the color contrast of the Frames, I’d found my Statement piece- it’s different, it’s feminine, and it’s sexy.

Balenciaga 80's Frames

Vintage Balenciaga 80’s Frames

photo 2

Vintage Balenciaga 80’s Frames

photo 3

Vintage Balenciaga 80’s Frames

photo 4

Vintage Balenciaga 80’s Frame

Foyer is located in Boerum Hill Brooklyn-

Bella Rose Beauty -Boutique

Everything Fashion & Beauty under one roof

Janiela Roachford, NYS licensed Esthetician and MUA opened Bella Rose Beauty and Fashion Boutique in Crown Heights Brooklyn on January 11th.  The boutique is located on Nostrand Ave between Rutland & Fenimore.  It features Mineral based cosmetics ranging in a variety of colors, clothing from a UK brand “Religion” and various US based designers.

Here you can find clothing in fun colorful patterns, and unique designs for every occasion that helps you express the inner you, while accentuating your outter beauty.  Lipstick colors come in beautifyl hues (pinks, oranges and reds) – theres a color for everyone.

Stop in and check it out!


Store Front


Dee wearing the “Bella” high waist vintage Jean




friends of Janiela Roachford showing support